OGP ShapeGrabber Automated 3D Scanning Systems

OGP ShapeGrabber Ai320
OGP ShapeGrabber Ai620
OGP ShapeGrabber Ai820

OGP ShapeGrabber 3D Laser Scanning systems deliver fast, accurate, and automated 3D measurement. The ShapeGrabber is ideal for
measuring complex shapes such as molded plastics, castings, stampings, or machined parts and that can be time-consuming, costly,
and difficult to measure. Using multiple motion axes, ShapeGrabber laser scanners eliminate the need for software alignment and
registration and ensure fast accurate results.

OGP ShapeGrabber automated scanners are well suited for situations in which speed and ease of use are important. These systems
scan parts in a wide variety of materials, colors, and finishes and excel in rapid prototyping, manufacturing, quality control,
and reverse engineering applications.

All OGP ShapeGrabber systems share the ability to produce detailed surface characterizations of complex parts, quickly,
and accurately. They are all easily programmed for repetitive part measurements, with no need for software alignment and registration.
All ShapeGrabber systems collect accurate, high-density point data, and provide reports of results, including GD&T.

OGP ShapeGrabber systems are available in three models to match part size and configuration.

About the Manufacturer

OGP (Optical Gaging Products) is a division of Quality Vision International Inc. (QVI®), a world-leading manufacturer of precision multisensor metrology systems for industrial quality control.


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