EVOLVE Software Suite

EVOLVE SmartProfile

The EVOLVE software suite from OGP optimizes design, production, and inspection processes enabling
manufacturers to shorten product design & development time, improve quality, and reduce costs through improved efficiency.

EVOLVE SmartProfile is used by manufacturing professionals all over the world to evaluate measurement
data for geometrical dimensioning and tolerancing compliance. SmartProfile takes point clouds of data from
part measurements performed on any measurement system, merges that data with the nominal CAD model of the
part with GD&T tolerances, and automatically performs results evaluation. SmartProfile is fully compliant
with the chosen tolerancing standard, such as ASME Y14.5 or ISO 1101.

EVOLVE Design helps design engineers apply GD&T tolerances to their CAD models correctly.

EVOLVE Manufacturing helps identify systematic problems and recommends solutions to minimize manufacturing errors.

EVOLVE SPC is a full statistical process control software available as either a standalone product for use with
measuring systems or integrated into the EVOLVE software suite.

About the Manufacturer

OGP (Optical Gaging Products) is a division of Quality Vision International Inc. (QVI®), a world-leading manufacturer of precision multisensor metrology systems for industrial quality control.


Multisensor Measurement Systems
High Performance Fixed Optics Systems
Laser Scanning Systems
Shaft Measurement Systems
Optical Comparators
Flexible Gaging Systems

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