Mahr MarForm MMQ 400

Mahr MarSurf VD 280

Mahr MarSurf M 310

The Mahr series of ultra-high precision form and position measuring systems are
used whenever and wherever information on the geometry of close toleranced workpieces is required.
Characteristics such as circularity (roundness), cylindricity, straightness, and parallelism are
deviations of form and position. These characteristics are monitored by systems such as
the MarForm MMQ 400. High-accuracy systems such as these allow you to fully exploit the
allowed tolerance range, saving you time and money.

The Mahr line of surface and contour metrology equipment offers fast, accurate, and cost-effective
measurement of surface roughness parameters and geometric features such as distance,
angles, and radii. Systems such as the MarSurf VD 280 combine both functions in one
simple-to-use unit. Portable hand-held units such as the MarSurf M 310 feature simple
and intuitive to use as easy as using a smartphone.

From manual calipers, to fully automated measuring stations, Mahr offers metrology solutions to improve quality assurance.

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Mahr offers an extensive range of products and solutions for your dimensional measurement tasks.


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