RAM Optical Instrumentation
Inspection and Measurement Systems

RAM Optical Instrumentation is the leading value in visual inspection, manual video measurement, and automatic multi-sensor measurement. RAM offers a wide variety of shop floor ready measurement systems that accommodate parts of all sizes.

The QVI StarLite and QVI Spark series are compact video measurement systems with precision mechanical stages, ergonomic design, accuracy, ease of use, coupled with outstanding value.

The QVI SprintMVP and QVI SparkMVP series offers both benchtop and large travel floor systems. They provide automatic dimensional measurement and fully programmed operation with the advanced Measure-X metrology software. These systems feature granite and steel construction for stability, precision optics, quality motors and bearings, and linear scales.

The QVI SNAP series of large-field-of-view digital video measurement systems offer simple one button operation and are idea for measuring small parts in all environments. All SNAP systems are simple to use. With automatic part ID and AutoCorrelate, simply place a part on the SNAP and press GO. Single parts, multiple parts - even a mixture of different parts - are all measured automatically.

About the Manufacturer

RAM focuses on the user experience and strives to make advanced technology as easy to use as possible. RAM Optical systems are specially designed so that anyone in the manufacturing process can use them – from design engineering, to fabrication, to assembly, to final inspection – with minimal training required.


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