Beta LaserMike

The Beta LaserMike line of solutions from NDC Technologies provides integrated process control using a wide range of non-contact measurement technologies. Beta LaserMike systems are designed to improve product quality and reduce manufacturing costs. These systems provide both in-process dimensional monitoring, control and sample inspection of products such as wire, cable, fiber optics, rubber and plastic, hose, tube and pipe. BLM systems offer a number of advantages over contact and other non-contact gauging systems.

BLM models include the AccuScan, BenchMike, and Z-Mike series for laser scanning diameter measurement, UltraScan for ultrasonic wall and eccentricity measurement, and LaserSpeed for non-contact length and speed measurement.

BLM non-contact laser measuring devices give you the absolute truth about your parts. And because nothing but laser light touches your product, there's no part distortion or operator influence to affect your measurements. You can measure soft, delicate, brittle, hot, even radioactive parts with complete confidence.

NDC Technologies is a global organization committed to innovate, design, and service precision measurement and control systems for the wire & cable, fiber optic, pipe & tube, and dimensional metrology markets.

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The Beta LaserMike line of measurement solutions from NDC Technologies are designed to increase productivity, improve product quality, and reduce manufacturing costs.


Diameter Measurement
Speed Measurement
Length Measurement

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